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Testimonial by David Ashworth:

I interviewed David for an article in Kindred Spirit Magazine recently. The article is now published in September’s Issue 118.

"Entitled Under Attack, Julie discusses the subject of Psychic Protection.

David originally wrote the book Dancing with the Devil as you channel in the Light 14 years ago, and although this is still a very relevent book and continues to be extremely popular.
Psychic Attack was not spoken about in spiritual magazines and was very much an aspect of healing and the spiritual path that was swept under the carpet.

Dancing with the Devil was a part of the inspiration for this article. Of course, you cannot ignore reality for ever and it is good to see that Kindred Spirit magazine has now found the courage to discuss this important aspect of spiritual work".

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Consciousness, soul connections, scalar waves, torsion fields, solitons, sacred geometry, aether, telepathy, DNA, focused intent, meditation, the biology of belief, wave technology, holographic universe, Heartmath, chi, Reiki, quantum healing, quantum mechanics, electric universe, electric body, auras and chakras, sound and colour therapy, psychic attack, visualisation, creating your own reality, pull/push (tensegrity), self-empowerment, the Force.

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